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Actually, there are a lot of ways to earn in internet particularly in the field of internet marketing or making money with the internet.

There are a lot of easy ways and hard ways to earn your living off internet. The hard ways include spending or investing money on your products and work. There are many other easy ways where you can make money without any investment.

Making money without any investment is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs because investing money is a hard thing for many people.



The easiest way to get paid online is through stock photography. You literally need zero-dollar investment to start a stock photography business.

All you need is a phone with a better camera preferably 12mp which you can use to shoot wild life and plants. The captured photos can be put on sale in websites.

There are many companies which are in need of photographs you can choose your niche i.e. the kind of photo you can work in wildlife photos sells more compared to other photos.

The reason is that people or marketers can’t hire a professional photographer for just two or three photographers in their subjects.

There are numerous case studies where people actually shoot their pets and make money out of it.


If you are artistic by nature and have some good skills in photoshop graphic design is the perfect field for you so you don’t have to be an expert in graphic designing.

You should have some decent skills to work in graphic designing. The main reason that free-lance graphic designers are in high demand because some companies can’t afford to hire people for an hour of work.

There is no need of contacts to start this job there are many freelancing websites offer a place for you to showcase your abilities to design images.


You might have seen the word data entry quit a number of times in recruitment sites. Sometimes data entry pays for a full time living.

Data entry is a kind of job that one can do in their past hours a flexible and reliable job when working with trusted clients. Transcribing Is also another type of data entry.

The important factor to mind in data entry is to closely observe the rules before getting in to a project closely because some clients have a low pay-out scheme and a very high threshold.