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A Brief Shopify dropshipping guide

There are many ways one can succeed over the internet. The most common and famous method is called Shopify dropshipping which operates as an online business with less resource required compared to a traditional business.

What is Shopify?

To put it simply Shopify is an ecommerce platform which enables an individual to list and sell his product with his own domain.

The reason why Shopify has got so much reach within years is due to the flexibility and easy usability.

A person with simple knowledge over the internet can put up a Shopify store and market his or her products.

Online advertising.

The only and reasonable way to advertise your Shopify store is online advertising since advertising online is as easy as ever compared to the past few years.

There are basically two types of online advertising which is paid advertising and non-paid advertising while paid advertising works to a full extent .free  method has little or no effect at all.

Search engine advertising

This method comes underpaid advertising method it is now considered one of the most effective advertising strategies since nearly millions of people are using search engines daily.

This method of advertising is called as pay per click advertising you will have to pay Google or Bing the desired search engine you want to drive your traffic from. This will ensure your ranking will be boosted for the search term you are interested in. for each and every click you will have to pay the network desired sum of amount hence the name pay-per-click.

There are many factors you should consider before starting a PPC campaign for your Shopify store. some of them are search volume for the related keyword which should be high and the competition for that phrase.

Facebook advertising 

Almost all of the Shopify stores use this paid advertising method for their Shopify store. There are many reasons why this method is the most preferred method is because of the Facebook ad console which is easy to use.

The Facebook ad console is relatively easy for internet marketers to use rather than search engine ad console.

There are many things considered while running a Facebook ad for your products such as Roas and average order value.

Facebook is considered to be the worlds largest online market place while its user base is continuing to grow rapidly the marketplace is expected to get more price up!