Ever wondered what you are going to do with your textbooks after finishing your graduation. It is hard to throw them away right so don’t worry you can sell all your books online without hassle and going to each and every shop physically and asking them to buy it.

There are many websites which are used by thousands of students. Where they make money by selling their used textbooks.


As discussed previously there are many options to sell your books which is online or in person, the benefits of selling your books in person are that you can even exchange books easily instead of dollar bills.

However, the cons of selling books in person are that you may not get the price you wanted because you can’t take up selling books as your fulltime job or spending more money on it.

On the other side selling books online takes up your time initially but gradually once your listing goes online the process is complete.

you can bargain your price and wait for the right buyer to show up. As long as the listing is up online people will contact you on a daily basis.

But when selling online you will have to be more organized. You should have ISBN. You have to print the shipping label. And consider reading rules because each website has different rules.


Decluttr is not just a place to sell books they are also buying video games, DVDs, CDs, and gaming consoles and they are also interested in buying your smartphones.

They have also released a smartphone app which comes in handy and it can also scan your books barcode using the app to get an instant price.

If the price is right accepting the offer pack your books and sell them add a shipping label to the book and ship it. Once your books pass through verification you will get the payment next day via PayPal or through direct cheque.


There is another place where you could sell your textbooks online it is called as Bookbyte. It is said to be founded in 1999 and one of the oldest online textbook business.

You could sell your books in here and buy new ones for the senior year. If you are selling books on Bookbyte all you need is an ISBN to get a quote for your book.

They will offer you a price if you are happy with the price all you need to do is to press continue sale button and complete the process.

The next process is to print the shipping label you receive on the textbook you packed and mail it for free. Once your book passes through inspection you will get paid through PayPal or a cheque will be sent within 14 days.