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Email marketing guide for an effective campaign

As an internet marketer or an online business person you know that customer acquisition is getting costlier day by day and it is hard to make money on the front end of the business.

Why email marketing works.

The solution for this problem is addressed by internet marketers for a long period and still, it’s not been given enough limelight which is email marketing.

Email marketing is the least cost-effective way to increase return customer rates and customer retention. You will have to spend less money compared to advertising on social media platforms.

We have written a small guide on how to start your email marketing campaign with ease and how to execute the campaigns perfectly. 

Authenticity matters.

Whilst being professional matters while starting an email marketing campaign the marketer should be authentic as well. Being authentic means sending emails in personal names rather than directly from a store name.

Use your name while writing emails. The customer will open a mail from markfromxyzstore.com rather than a bland email like xyzstore.com.

That’s how authenticity and using your email will matter rather than using Shopify store name or your site name.

Email marketing software.

Email marketing platforms are required to run campaigns. There are many email marketing software’s which are currently available in the market you should be able to choose the correct email marketing software according to your need.

Addressing problems.

Tag line or header is more important than any other factor it helps to increase the open rate of your emails.

The tagline should be addressing your customers problem or a solution to a common existing problem which should not be spammy.

Value-added emails.

Catchy and problem-solving taglines or even personalized emails with names on it doesn’t matter if there is no conversion at the end of the day.

There must be value in these emails or else conversions won’t happen. Please keep in mind that without valuable content or product you won’t get enough conversion rates.

The language of communication must be kept simple rather than being complex which will eventually confuse the customer.

In the end, you can drive the sales with your call to action button which must be simple and attractive to the consumer.