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Shopify dropshipping guide for newbies.

There are no specific ways to succeed or make money on Shopify dropshipping with ease it all depends on internet marketer’s strategy.

In a clear context, Shopify and dropshipping are two different things Shopify is an ecommerce platform and dropshipping is a business model.

If you want to start a new Shopify dropshipping business there is a lot of things you need to know about competition analysis etc.

Shopify niche ideas 

There are many things when it comes to selecting a Shopify niche. Main factors include the traffic that niche drives in comparison to other niches and competition should be analyzed.

Analyze the niche properly a good amount of traffic will show which niche has people interested. Many marketing tools are available online for these tasks.

There are free and paid marketing tools are available for niche selection etc.

Shopify dropshipping stores.

The next thing to watch after selecting a niche is to do a competition analysis which plays an important role in your success. 

The proper analysis of how your competitor website works will give you an insight into the customer behavior and the products that they are interested in.

Some new drop shippers always make the mistake of analyzing a bad Shopify dropshipping store.

There are many marketing tools and product scraping tools available in the market which can differentiate between a working Shopify store and non-working Shopify store.

 Shopify dropshipping suppliers.

After successful competition analysis makes sure you get the right products in your store. Selecting the right and trustworthy suppliers are key in success many Shopify dropshipping stores struggle while placing orders because of untrustworthy suppliers.

To avoid this kind of issue check whether the dropshipping supplier has good ratings compared to his counterparts and must have applicable return and refund policy

Marketing strategy.

There will be basically two types of strategy for your Shopify store paid and free marketing it is advisable to go through paid marketing hence free method has no effect when compared to the paid method.

There are many preferred paid methods like social media marketing. Where you can run ads on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram etc.